A New Cloud-Based Compliance Tool for Fuel Quality Control Programs

FuelSQC is an online statistical package built specifically for the fuel and bio-fuel community, providing comprehensive quality control analytics, and control charting. FuelSQC implements all of the calculations, testing, and charting outlined in ASTM D6299, as well as all of the calculations and comparisons required by USEPA under Tier 3 Motor Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Standards found in 40 CFR Part 80.47.

FuelSQC is perfect for industries working with bio-fuels (including bio diesel), low sulfur diesel and gasoline, reformulated gasoline, oxygenated gasoline, marine diesel, diesel, gasoline, and JP-8.

NEW FEATURE: ILCP Analysis Module and Multi-Site Evaluation Dashboard Capabilities

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Why FuelSQC?

Easy Setup and Intuitive Interface

FuelSQC has no hardware requirements other than an internet connection and runs on any computer. Most users are able to get started within minutes.

Real Time Remote Access

Remote access to FuelSQC enables managers and auditors to monitor real-time laboratory performance from any location.

Advanced Data Security

State of the art data security and data storage protocols use by Fortune 100 companies.

Audit and Compliance Documentation

FuelSQC maintains compliance logs for easy audit and compliance documentation, so there are no questions about compliance – now or later.

Stay up-to-Date

Get up to date and stay up to date with new ASTM standard practices or EPA rules as they are released.


Customization packages, such as the inclusion of a site-specific corrective action reporting, are available upon request.


Easily scroll through, edit and make notes on your data.

Easily scroll through, edit and make notes on your data.

See your charts with more clarity than ever before.

See your charts with more clarity than ever before.

See your charts with more clarity than ever before.

Create a summary of all of your EPA Tier 3 Data with just one click.


Compliance with ASTM D6299 and EPA 40 CFR 80.47

ASTM D6299

Easy visualization of run chart data

Generation of I and MR charts and
associated statistical limits

Q procedure for bringing new or shortrun
materials online

Q/Q plots for normality visualization

Calculation of Anderson Darling
statistics for normality testing

Detection of outliers by the GESD test

Generation of the EWMA trend

F and t-testing to detect differences in
mean and variance

EPA 40 CFR 80.47

Secure management of data going back 5+ years

Calculation of ASTM method repeatability
and reproducibility

Generation of critical comparison values for precision
study data

Comparison to ARVs for accuracy data

Generation of MR and I charts for ongoing precision
SQC requirements

Calculation of expanded uncertainty and ongoing
accuracy SQC comparisons

Tools to manage Tier 3 data separately from ongoing
laboratory SQC

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