Radiation Safety Program with Dosimetry and Reporting Services

ASI's Radiation Safety Program is the essential program for all dosimetry users with it's ease of use, convenience, and the peace of mind it provides.

We provide the required dosimeters as well as training, monitoring, reporting, and audit assistance.

About our Radiation Safety Program

Who is this program best for?

· Radiation workers

· Individuals exposed to ionizing radiation

· Individuals exposed to unsealed radioactive materials

· Individuals working with sodium iodide, urine bioassays

· New and long-time owners of XRF equipment

· New users of old or new XRF equipment

What are the benefits?

· Quarterly delivering of radiation safety reports

· Radiation safety training

· Audits and state registration assistance

· Monitoring program including Dosimetry and Badge Protocols

· Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Certification Training

(renewable every 2 years)

Why do I need it?

· Reduce liability with essential, reliable training 

· Effective and timely quarterly reporting for each ring user

· Reliable delivery of new Dosimeters every quarter

· Reduce stress of auditing with ASI's audit and registration assistance

The Details of our Radiation Safety Program

The Beginning

· Overview of regulations

· Protection standards

· Radiation safety organization

· Biological effects of ionizing radiation

· Basic radiation protection principles

The Middle

· Radiation Monitoring Principles

· Radiation detection principles

· Radiation safety policies

· Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Certification Training

(renewable every 2 years)

The Continuation

· Radiation Safety reporting each quarter

· Delivery of new Dosimeters every quarter

· Audit assistance

· Future training of new users or officers

What are the most popular instruments to use with your dosimeters?

Thermo Fisher

·DXL, XL2, XL3, XL5



·GoldXpert, Vanta, Delta



·XMET Smart, Optimum, Expert



·Titan, Tracer



·xSort, Midex



·EDX600, 880, 3000

·Pocket III


·ElvaX Prospector, Gold 

Sounds great! What's next?

Please fill out the form below and our Radiation Safety and Dosimetry Program Manager will get back to you!